WordPress Plugins for Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

What is Social media marketing?

Social Media Marketing is a marketing practice that uses the social Media Platform to refer and gaining the traffic and attention from social media sites.

Some of the key benefits of Social Media Marketing are:

  1. Improve customer experience.
  2. Build Brand value.
  3. Gain traffic and attention from social Media site.
  4. Analyse your Audience.
  5. Build a relation with audience.
  6. Know your fault in service.

We provide a lists of great Social Media Sharing Plugins are:



Monarch is a Social Sharing WordPress Plugin that has more than 87 templates over 20+ Social Network to choose from. You can add sharing button in 5 different positions.

Benefits of using Monarch Social Sharing Plugin are

  1. Floating Sidebar sharing button.
  2. Above or below the content
  3. Hover over media elements within the content.
  4. Automatic Pop-up sharing buttons.
  5. Automatic fly-in sharing button that grab the reader’s attention.


MashShare is an ultimate social sharing button Plugin that provides stunning design button for all social network platform and more add-ons.


  1. Sticky Share bar can be placed on top or bottom of the webpage.
  2. Beautiful Floating Sidebar that catches the attention of the users.
  3. Get full integration of Google Analytics.
  4. Open Graph Social Optimization for Facebook, Twitter and others platforms.

3Sumo Share

4WP Social Sharing

WP Social Sharing Plugin add the attractive social Share button of Facebook, Google+, Twitter and all social Network share button for share your post and pages.


  1. Custom Share button text.
  2. Provide short-code to integrate with ant theme.
  3. 100% responsive share button with all devices.


Jetpack Sharing is a tool for sharing your post in their social Network website.


  1. Create custom share button.
  2. Add a captcha to your Email Subscription Button.

6Social warefare

7. WPSharely 8. Ultimate Social Duex 9. Easy Social Share Button 10. AddThis 11. Share This 12. Shareaholic 13. Digg Digg

14Social Media Feather

WordPress Social Media Feather provides a Plugin for all social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, tumblr and Pinterest. This Plugin will show the sharing button on your website where user click on the Social Network Share button to share the article.

15Social Media Sharing Button

Social Media Plugin is only WordPress Plugin that you can use the icon of all social Media Platforms and custom icon.


  1. 16 different design for social Media icon
  2. Social Media Button or icon can float or be sticky.
  3. Count the numbers of shares and follows on button.
  4. Display a popup that ask people to share.

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