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How to Start a Blog in 2018

As a beginner in blogging, a simple question strike in your mind, how to start a Blog?

Then you came to the right place.  In this complete tutorial, learn how to start a Blog by following the simple 6 steps to set up your own self-hosted Blog website. So, don’t worry, in case you have no technical knowledge.

So, let’s start.

6 simple steps to start a blog on self-hosted –

Find a simple niche ideas

Choose a blogging platform

Find a web host

Choose a domain name

Set up the WordPress

Design and publish


  Find a simple niche ideas

Google Keyword Planner – 

Google keyword planner is a tool that gets help with keyword research and selecting the right keyword for your Blog.

Whenever you want to find the right keyword suggestion, Google keyword planner will help to find your keyword ideas. Suppose, you want to find keyword ideas about “Blogging“.

Let’s use this Keyword Planner tool –

At the same time, Google keyword planner find more than 700 relevant keywords ideas with monthly searches and competition matrices.

Finally,  you have to pick a simple keyword idea from the relevant low competition Keyword as because of the low competition Keyword make a chance to get the higher success rate for your new blog.

Suppose you choose the “free blog” as a keyword idea. It has a low competition Keyword.

So, you can make a content with this keyword as your blog niche idea. In this case, you have a great chance to make your blog successful.


Google Keyword Planner


Google trends

Google trends is another powerful tool that finds the recent search trend in Google.

It explores what the world is searching. Similarly, this tool helps to get recent search trends in the Google search engine and it will help to build a clear idea about your niche.

Suppose you search the “Niche blogging” keyword search trends –

As a result, it finds the trends on “Niche blogging” over the past 12 months –

Interest over time


Subsequently, it also finds the interset by region trends. Therefore, this trend helps to find the target audience by the regions for the blog niche.


Interest by Region


Interest by region

Choose a blogging platform

Nowadays so many free and self-hosted blogging platforms are available. But the question is which blogging platform is best for your blog.

When I have been starting my blogging in 2014, I have chosen the free version for my blog.

So, it helps me financially, but not help to make my blog successful according to my hard work. Because of its lack of functions and flexibility of the platform.

For this reason, I can’t install a plugin. Also, it has a lack of moderation tools in this free Blogger Platform.

After using this platform for 2 years, I realize and switch from Blogger to WordPress blogging platform. Hence, WordPress is the best blogging platform for its functionality and useful plugins.

Quick tips: I strongly recommend the WordPress for your Blogging platform for its useful functionalities.


WordPress blog


There have so many logical reasons why WordPress is best from others blogging platform –


  1. SEO benefits –  WordPress is an SEO friendly content management platform and concurrently, it helps to optimize your blog easily. For this reason, you can optimize your blog by installing the powerful SEO plugin – Yoast SEO
  2. Easy to Design and customization – WordPress is popular for its easy customization and also, it has a lot of design options. While designing your WordPress Blog, you can choose either free theme or premium theme.  Themeforest is the largest and popular marketplace for premium theme/template.
  3. Multi-user facility – Especially, when you run an organization/business, WordPress is the right choice for the multi-user facility. Therefore, you can assign the role to an individual in your organization.


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Choose a web host

It’s a crucial job. You need a web host.

Basically, you think that you host your website on the best web host.

According to the best web host, it means to have shortest load time, best user support and the maximum of uptime.

So, the Bluehost is the top web hosting platform according to this three matrices and it is popular for its one-click WordPress hosting among others web hostings.

A research on 31+ web hosts over a period of 12 to 41 months,  Bluehost is #1 web host among all the web hosts.


Bluehost: Highest reliable and secure ( $3.75/month )

Bluehost is a web host company, founded in 2003 and 2 million website are hosted that is one of the 20 largest web hots.

Whenever, you are looking the best web host for your blogging platform on a reliable, secure and fastest web host. So,  I strongly recommend the Bluehost web host.

Let’s know the features of the Bluehost web host –

  1. One click WordPress installation
  2. It’s a reliable and secure web host
  3.  Free Domain and Free SSL


Register in the Bluehost

Let’s do this important task of 5 minutes. For starting your blog on your own web host,  purchase a web host services –

Let’s follow the simple steps –

Open the home page of Bluehost 

So, open the home page of the Bluehost and next, click on the Button “Get started now ” –


Bluehost web host
Bluehost web host

Choose a plan 

At next,  choose the hosting plan as your blogging requirement. As the Bluehost provides three best and powerful hosting plan.

If you are new in blogging, I strongly recommend you that you must choose the basic hosting plans.


Bluehost hosting plans
Hosting Plans


Afterward,  you have to follow the Signup and choose a domain step –

Choose a Domain name

Getting a ideas about the Domain name within 2 minutes –  

What is a domain name?

Domain name – The domain name is a string and an address of your website. The process of buying a domain name is called the domain name registration. So, you can buy the domain name form Domain Registrar.  Bluehost is one of the best domain name registrar and web hosting company.

Quick suggestion:  In my opinion, I must suggest you purchase the .com Domain.


Domain suggestion tool 

Namestation – is a useful domain name suggestion tool and it will help to find your domain name easily by using your keyword ideas.

First, you find a domain name by using the Namestation domain name generator tool. Second and finally,  you need to check the availability of the domain name by using the domain search tools in Bluehost.

Let’s find your Domain name  –


Domain Suggestion tool - Namestation
Domain Suggestion tool – Namestation
Quick note: You can find yours a suitable domain name by using the domain suggestion tools.

Just search the domain name by using the niche keyword on Domain name suggestion tool.


Choose a Domain name in  Bluehost

Choose a new Domain 

After that create a new domain by clicking on the next button and simultaneously, create an account in Bluehost

New domain Name
New Domain Name

Enter the account details 

Put your all the information on the specified fields with an email address.


Account information Bluehost
Account information Bluehost

Choose a web host plan

Afterward, you have to choose an account plan according to your requirements

Choose a plan -Bluehost
Choose a plan -Bluehost

Choose a Package extra as you need-

Quick tips: I recommend choosing a Domain privacy plan to protect your Domain information.


Choose Package extra in Bluehost
Choose Package extra in Bluehost

Enter payment details –

You fill all the information about card details on the fields. If you want to pay on PayPal, you go to the “more payment option”.

Payment Details
Payment Details


Create a password and log in 

A new screen has appeared and Click on the Create a password button.

Set a password
Set a password


Congratulations! you have owned the Domain name.


Set up the WordPress



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