How to Improve Google PageRank

What is PageRank?

PageRank is a scale that will help to evaluate the webpage rank in the search result. Website Page Rank is in between 0-10. Page Rank algorithm help to make search result that which webpage is placed in the higher and which web pages are placed in below on the search result. Higher Page Rank webpage link shows in the higher of the search result.

Google use the PageRank Algorithem for showing the search result of the user’s query that placed on the search page. When users are searching for information in Google Search engine, Google provides the best information to the user according to the webpage Page rank. Higher Page Rank shows on the higher position of search result page.

So, Blogger should optimize the webpage for improving the website PageRank.

A New website or a domain Page Rank is N/A or 0. Google Page Rank is the parameter of website quality. A higher quality website gets higher Page Rank. 1 Page Rank or 1PR mean your website is providing good quality information.

If your website gets page rank, it means that some website trust your site and your site get a backlink from their website. Google will give higher page rank when your site trusts by many websites.

Why should you need to improve the Google Page Rank?

Google page rank is a scale from 0-10. Google give higher page rank to the best web content with a scale between 0-10. Better content means higher page rank.

Higher page rank means that Google trust your website and you will get better search result in the search page. If you suffer your website or blog from low traffic and Daily page views are not exceed 1000 pages. It means that your website is not optimized or your website page rank is N/A. So, Higher page Rank automatically increases your website traffic and it builds a higher user level. If page rank index is in top 10 search results, your webpage hits by 1k- 100k views in daily.

Chapter 1: SEO Made Easy : A Brief Guide

Chapter 3: On-Page Optimization Factors for SEO

Improve Google Page Rank

Some of the tricks to improve the Google Page Rank

Use Keyword rank Checker

In the internet there have many online Keyword Rank checker that shows the Keyword Search Rank. It is very effective tool that gives the information for how much optimization need to get better page rank in search engine.

Benefits of using Keyword Rank Checker tool are:

  1. You will see your page rank in search engine and you understand that how much effort you need to get your top the search result.
  2. You know your competitors.
  3. It helps to make a plan and what next to do.

SEMRUSH is Keyword Rank checker tool that gives you page rank for every keywords. Use this tool to optimize your page rank.

Regularly update content

Google search engine gives better page rank for those are publishing their content regularly. Google gives more credit for the regular content update. Regular content publishing is not a very hard job that you can easily do this job.

Google gives more credit to the website for Regular content publishing. It is the main SEO factor that Google carefully observe that the Blogger is maintaining or not.

The user always prefers to read updated article. Google also try to satisfy their users by providing updated content to their users.

Use Image Alt Attribute

The Alt Attribute is used to describe the content of the Image file that is used for Google with information about the subject matter of the image.

Image alt attribute gives clue the Google about the subject matter of image. It helps to get index by Google for providing the best image search result to their users.

Use Alt attribute in the image tag is one of the image SEO techniques that it helps to understand that your image is not spam. Without using alt attribute Google doesn’t understand the image and this image will be spammed by Google.

Always try to use Alt attribute in all image for better SEO and it helps to get webpage rank from Google and Get some traffic from image search. Using alt attribute in image tag is good SEO practice and you have used this alt attribute:

Not Good:

<image src=”Waterfall.jpg” alt=” ” />


<image src=”Waterfall.jpg” alt=”Waterfall” />


<image src=”Waterfal.jpg” alt=”A Waterfall in USA ” /> 

Backlink Building

Backlink is a webpage link that linked by another website. Backlink means your website getting others website trust by giving backlinks. Backlinks are an important SEO factor. Google count your website backlinks for measuring your website trust level that is giving by the others website. So, No of Backlink is a parameter to get higher page rank in Google search engine.

Backlink building is a process to get linking your webpage by others website. It is very useful SEO technique that webmaster builds their site trust level in others websites.

Webmasters are sending a request to the other’s website webmaster for sending valuable backlink from their site. Sometimes it is very useful for mutually building backlinks.

Social Media Optimization

Google also measures the Social Media Acceptability for every website. Social Media Optimization is also another SEO factor today. Google gives better credit to those websites has Social Media acceptance that means the numbers of like and numbers of share in social Network sites. Use social media channel to share your content.

Content Quality

I have already said that content is an important SEO factor. Google provide to their user a fresh and unique content. For that reasons Google index the web content in higher page rank that is useful for their user and returns higher page rank to those web pages with fresh and unique. Google always likes the quality of the content and user satisfaction only depends upon the good content. Google try best to provide the best content to their users.

A good content will get the reward from others website by sharing your content with their readers.

Maintain Keyword frequency

Keyword density is an important aspect of SEO. On the internet, there have many online tools that will help to maintain your content keyword density and you can find your content is optimized or not with respect to the keyword density.

I have already said that Google gives a better rank for quality content. On-Page optimization is a crucial SEO for getting Better rank in Google.

Use Heading Tag

Using heading tags h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 is a better On-Page SEO practices. Google find information from your pages by using the heading tags and collect about the subject of your post.

Let’s us do your website by improving Google Page Rank.

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