10 Free Duplicate Content Checker Tools

Plagiarism Checker tool

What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the worst content making technique by copied another content that is called duplicate content.

Sometimes many bloggers copy the others website article and paste it in their blog that is worst content making technique. If Google filter will find that your content is duplicate then your article treated as spam. So, be careful from duplicate content in your website that effect on your search ranking.

We have found many plagiarism checker tools in the online that are free.

Some of the free online duplicate content checker tools are:

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1. Copyscape is an online plagiarism checker tool and it has an alert system when finding new copies.

2. Siteliner is website duplicate content checker tool that will help to find the duplicate content from your website.

3. SmallSEOTool scan your duplicate content form your webpage by copy and paste the article in the box.

4. Seoreviewtool use to find the internal and external duplicate content of the specific webpage.

5. PageSpotter   is an online plagiarism checker tool.

6. Duplichecker is a free plagiarism checker and finds duplicate content instantly.

7. Prepostseo is an effective tool for finding plagiarism.

8. Plagiarisma.Net is a duplicate content finding tool.

Why should use plagiarism tool?

If Google finds the same content in different web pages, became confused to rank the same content pages. Google content checking filter has enough capability to find the original content. So, be careful to make duplicate content that effects in search ranking.

So, use plagiarism tool to find duplicate content from your website and delete the duplicate content immediately for making unique content that helps to get better PageRank.

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