How to Install WordPress : A Guide For Beginner

WordPress becomes a very popular blogging platform for every blogger for its useful functionalities and better customization.

How to install WordPress?

WordPress installation becomes very easy for using the Fantastico script that finished the installation within 2-3 minutes. Web hosting cPanel provide the add-on script Fantastico which install WordPress instantly without having any knowledge of coding and My-Sql Database.

If you want to install WordPress manually, you need to read this tutorial completely and follow the steps for  “how to install WordPress “.

This Tutorial provides you the complete installation guide to install WordPress Manually. So, Follow the following steps, if you want to install manually the latest WordPress

Essential things are needed in WordPress Installation
1. Download the WordPress packages from the official website.
2. Need the FTP software [ SmartFTP ] for uploading the file in server.
3. FTP account for accessing the server.
4. cPanel account for creating the Database and Database user and password.


Manual Installation Guide

Step1: Download the WordPress 

If you ready to install the Latest WordPress software which is available for Download in the official website of So, let’s download the latest WordPress and save it in your PC and unzip WordPress package file.


Download WordPress
Download WordPress


Step 2: Upload the WordPress CMS

So, let’s upload the WordPress package folder in the web server. The easiest way is to upload the extracted file by using the FTP ( file transfer Protocol) such as SmartFTP or FileZilla.

After completing the upload, You need to install the WordPress.


Step 3: Create New Database and Database user in MySQL

Don’t need any technical knowledge to create the Database. Following a few steps, just create the Database in Cpanel.



MySql database Wizard
MySql database Wizard


It opens the MySql Database Wizard. Now write the database name as your choice.


MySQL Database Wizard
MySQL Database Wizard

In the next step, create the username and password.

So, you have created the database successfully.


Step 5: Install WordPress

Let’s start the installation.

Now simply go to your website in the web browser and Create the Configuration File.


Create Configuration File - WordPress
Create Configuration File – WordPress

Let’s click on create a configuration file option.

After that, you fill the database name, user, password etc. After completing the submission of the data, you can start the WordPress installation.


WordPress Installation
WordPress Installation

Now, submit the information and clock on the submit option.

After that, you run the installation.


WordPress Installation
Run WordPress Installation

Now you see the welcome page. Fill all information about your WordPress site and start the installation.

Quick tips:  Carefully fill up the username and password for future use. So, don’t forget it. Not only remember the username and password and also make strong username and password that no one can’t predict the username and password. 


WordPress Installation final step
WordPress Installation final step

So, congratulations.

You have successfully completed the WordPress installation.  So, let’s start to post your article in your blog or website.

Login in Admin panel by using the admin username and password.


In this tutorial, you learn the manual WordPress installation guide. By following a few simple steps, you can easily install the WordPress in your own web server.

Install the WordPress and enjoy your writing in your WordPress Blog.


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