A Guide For Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization is a Marketing technique to optimize your presence on Social Media that make more exposure and grow up your Social Media popularity.

Question Yourself –

Have you’re more than 1k Facebook followers  or Twitter Followers on the Social Media?

If the answer is no, then you should follow up a strategic approaches/rules of Social Media Optimization. If you have more than 1k fans only on Facebook, its mean, you are well optimized on Social media.

Well, Optimization on Social Media that grow up your reach and more relevant traffic. Social media site like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are the best Media channels to Make Branding of your Website’s product & services.


Social Media Optimization
Social Media Optimization


Top 15 Social Media Site with Traffic

Top most popular social media sites

According to Alexa /Similarweb Traffic Data – World Map of Social Networks- January 2018

World map of social networks

Social Media Sites are big sources of relevant traffic. You can easily make a target on Top Social Media / Network site Facebook and Youtube. Facebook has more than 1.9 Billions of Daily Active Users.

Today Social Media is a mine of big traffic like Organic search traffic. You need to do some work on Social Media Optimization.

What do I do for Social Media Optimization [SMO]?

I always follow two rules for Better Social Media Optimization that help me to grow up popularity on Social Media / Network Sites.

Write Quality Content

Content is a key tool for Better Social Media Optimization. I do it well and follow up some rules for writing valuable Content that readers read and find the use for them. Don’t waste their time to provide irrelevant content your readers.

Irrelevant content that increases the bounce rate and relevant content means that it makes knowledgeable and readers judged your content as a helpful article.

Always follow up two rules for write quality content –

      1. Choose relevant Topics
      2. Content should be structured and informative.

Promote Content Regularly

The next and important task is to promote content on Social Media / Network. You promote your content on all important Social Media site regularly not frequently. If you promote regularly, it visible on Social Media and drive a regular traffic.

Social Media Automation is an effective tool to promote automatically on Social Media sites with minimal effort. It helps you to promote your content automatically through automation tools. Without any effort, you can promote and automatically optimized on Social Media.

List of  Social Media Automation Tools  –

1. Hootsuite

Benefits of the Social Media Optimization are –

1. Drive more relevant Traffic

Search Organic Traffic vs Traffic from Social Media

Search Organic Traffic is related to make traffic from Search Engine (like Google Search, Bing search, and Yahoo Search). But Social Media traffic is related to the traffic from social Media site (like Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube )

2. Boost Social Visibility

Visibility Measure the spread of Social media conversation. Visibility can help you understand the context of your content.  Visibility / Reach measure the potential of your audience. Visibility is important metrics when compare to Engagement metrics.

How can you improve Visibility Metrics?
This Metric can be improved by boosting your content promotion on Social Media.

3. Grow up Brand Value

A brand is a Social Media Metrics that measure your content popularity and Engagement.

If your Brand Value is high, You have more Followers and likes on Social media.

Your content makes influence your audience and Your Audience become your Followers.

How to Drive Traffic From Social Media?

If you want to participate in Social Media. You have to set up Account in Facebook Page, Twitter Account, and Pinterest Board. Now your main task is to promote your content on Social Media.

Most popular social networks worldwide as of April 2018, ranked by number of active users (in millions)


Global Social network rank by number of users



Today social Media play an important role on the Internet. It influences every aspect of internet users. It helps users and they involved and measure the popularity of services and products on the web.

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