7 Things About Image Optimization For SEO

An article becomes more attractive with an image. A single image can tell a thousand words. Your web pages with an image become more appealing. You have much more powerful reasons to includes image in content.

In a case study – Article with relevant images have 94% more views than an article with no image on average.

Image SEO is an optimization factor in the search engine. So, Image optimization can’t be overlooked. Choose a relevant image and use a search optimized caption and metadata.

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So, I am going to share the useful SEO tips for image optimization on search Engine aspect-

Image SEO Tips


Tips 1: Quality images

An article with quality and relevant image gives more impression than an article with no image. A content with more relevant images makes powerful content.

General Visual Content statistics – 37% marketers said visual marketing is a more important form of content for their business and second only to blogging(38%).

There are some places where you can collect good quality images :

1. Flicker is image hosting and video hosting website.

2. iStockPhoto is an online, royalty free, international Photography provider operating with the micro-payment business model.

Tips 2: Image File Name

It’s easier to assign a default file names your camera assigns with hundred of products shots.
when it comes to Image SEO, It is more important to use a relevant keyword to help your webpage rank in search engines. Using a relevant and descriptive text in image file name is more important for image optimization. Search Engine not only crawl the text of your webpage, but they also crawl your image file names.

Take this image as an example –



You can use a generic file name of the image that assigns your camera( Example: IMG1200.jpg ). But, it would be much better to use a name of the file Men’s-Adidas-Running-Solyx-shoes.jpg.

Tips 3: Alt tag

Image description using the Alt tag is a crucial images optimization tips. It helps to better understand the search Engine.

It also helps easier to crawl on a search engine. Just spend a little bit time for making the Alt tag on your image.

It is a simple tricks and steps makes better image SEO practice.

Best Practices are:-

Not so Good :

<img src = 'Image-SEO.jpg'  alt = ' '>

The Better :

<img src= 'Image-SEO.jpg' alt = 'Image SEO'>

The best :

<img src= 'Image-SEO.jpg' alt = 'Using alt tag is Image optimization tricks '>

Image Optimization Tips 4: Anchor text

The anchor is another important factor for image SEO. If you decide to link the image with text, your anchor text can play a role in how your image is rank in a keyword.

What is Anchor text?

Anchor text is a visible text or character that hyperlink display which link to another document or images.

<a href = ‘anchor.html’> Anchor Text </a>

Image Optimization Tips 5: Make sure related content images

It should be kept in your mind that the content surrounding the images should be familiar with that you have optimized in the alt tag, Image anchors, Image file name. It also helps to determine the search engine that you are not spamming.

Image Optimization Tips 6: Don’t make keywords stuff

Don’t use the many keywords in stuff while you are writing the alt tag. It can make the negative impact in search engine result. Your image alt tag, file name, and caption should be short and descriptive. Always remember your image is optimizes for your website visitors.

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