7 common mistakes in Blogging

If you have to start a blogging career and have passion on writing articles, I would like to inform you that you should read this article about common mistakes in blogging that helps you be successful blogger.

In my experience, these common mistakes happen in my blogging life and newbie made these mistakes in the starting of their blogging life. A successful blogger should be regular and be patience to make your blogging successful. Success does not come in few days of blogging. Take time and fix your target to become a successful.

#1 Choose a niche content

The first and most common mistakes is done by the all blogger is to choosing right content or right niche. A right content or right niche makes you successful. Otherwise you waste your time with wrong content that gives you zero return.

Then, how to choose niche content? You find your interest that you have a strong knowledge and expert in this field. Suppose you have interest in sport and you love the sport. If your content is about sport and writing interesting factors and news about sport that makes easier.

2. Right Keywords

Keyword Research
Keyword Research Tool

Keyword is play a vital role in your blog. Choosing right keyword is  not very hard job.If you are trying to make best keyword for your articles ,  There have many free keyword research tool in the web where you can analyze many more like monthly traffics, get suggestion of the keyword .

Some Free Keyword Research Tool:
1. Bing : Keyword research tool 
2. Google : Ad-words  Keyword Tool

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3. Design Layout

Design Layout
Design Layout

You blog performance speed of loading the pages within  and eye catchy blog look which depend on your blog template layout.Your blog should be looking professional but simple design.

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4. Post title

If your are continuing your blogging in blogspot or WordPress platform , you should remember that many newbie are making mistakes to set up the post title properly . Post title optimization  is one of the search engine optimization techniques. Blog title  should not be placed before  post title. 

Wrong method: 

{ Blog Title |  Post Title } 

  Pro Blogging Hub : Top 10 SEO tips for indexed webpage 


Right Method : 

{ Post Title | Blog Title }

  Top 10 SEO tips for indexed webpage : Pro Blogging Hub


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5. Daily publish the Articles

Some time many blogger are nor regular for publishing the articles in their  blog  which is the biggest blunder in blogging . For this reason ,  you lost your readers and popularity of your blog . Not only lost your blog popularity , you also lost the traffic .

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6.  Focus on word count

Blogging mistakes

Best practice in article writing in blog is maintain word limit Always try to keep your post over  250 words which is best for search engine optimization .The range between 400-500 words is commonly used as the length that reader can stick to from start to finished and witter can introduced the focus message  with supporting  details. When the visitors are reading your blog articles , they don’t have the patient or lot of time to read the thousands of words.

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7. Review the articles 

How many blogger are taking 4-5 minutes for reviewing the articles before publish it ? The answer is few blogger. Only the professional blogger is doing this job very carefully.If you are serious about blogging , then you should review the articles before publishing your post. This habit reduces the grammatical error and silly mistakes.

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