7 Best Social Media Automation WordPress Plugins

Social media is a goldmine of social traffic. Millions of millions of users engaged with social media and connect each other and make a big network. So, it’s a big deal to share your content and get feedback from this big network.

A blogger maintains many tasks from writing to publish content that  needs a proper time management for writing,  publishing and sharing task. For better performing, Automatic Sharing tools have no substitution.

Automatic Social Share WordPress Plugin shares content in the Social medias automatically. When you publish the new article, it normally shares to all social media and you don’t need to log in or click on the share button.


Benefits of using the Automatic Sharing Tools/ Plugins for WordPress:

  1. Save time and money
  2. It helps to post automatically in social media
  3. It helps to make a schedule for posting the content.
  4. Repost the article.
  5. Share the post from one place.
  6. Analytics your website.


1. Social Networks Auto-Poster 

Social Networks Auto-Poster is a WordPress Plugin that nicely automatically share WordPress post on Social Networking websites such as Google +, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, LiveJournal, Delicious, Diigo, Stumbleupon, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Plurk, VKontakte(VK.com), WordPress, and Tumblr.

This Plugin cover all popular Social Networking sites and popular Bookmarking websites. If you use this plugin, you do not require any another auto share WordPress Plugin. Thousands of Blogger satisfy for the performance of this auto poster WordPress plugin.

2. Social Media Auto Publish

Social Media Auto Publish is a WordPress Plugin that automatically shares your content on Facebook and Twitter. It integrates with social network Facebook and Twitter, but as soon as early they develop to integrate with Google+ and LinkedIn.

This plugin provides great services for deriving social traffic from most popular social network website Facebook and Twitter.

3. Jetpack Publicize 

Jetpack Publicize is a plugin that makes it easier to share your content in social networking website when you publish a new post in WordPress Blog. Many auto share plugins are not able to integrate with Google+. There have very few word Press Plugin that gives us to share content in Google+ automatically.

This plugin cover some of the popular social networking sites but that is enough to drive big amount of Traffic. Actually, it does not bookmark the post on The Bookmarking websites. Only it is a drawback for this Plugin

4. Microblog Poster

Microblog Poster/  is WordPress Plugin that republishes your old post and it share automatically your content in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and support filtering post base on custom post type.

5. Buffer

Buffer is online tool for automatic sharing your post in all the social network websites that saves lot of time in sharing post in every social media. Schedule, manage and publish your post in one place that saves time for managing social media.

6. Dlvr

Dlvr is an effective tool for automatically repost your content in the social media. It shares your post on the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn using the RSS feed and build a perfect schedule to share content. You can share from anywhere by using the custom URL shortener.

7. Onlywire

Only wire is the best tool for instant posting the content on more than 40 social media. You can post automatically and make the schedule to post the content that makes it easier. It helps to increase the traffic and save time and money. It provides the analytic tools that help to make a plan for better website development.

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