6 Basic Blogspot SEO Guides for Bloggers

Why Blogspot SEO is important for Beginner?  

Blogspot is a Free  Blogging platform for a beginner who is trying to make own blog for publishing articles.  Not only publishing article, but a skilled blogger also earns minimum 100$ in one month.

Numerous new blogger currently begins their blogging at Blogspot, because it is free.

WordPress is another Blogging platform. But you need to spend a few dollars every year for better Blogging experience in WordPress.

Blogspot SEO Basics
Blogspot SEO

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But today our topics is how to optimize the Blogspot SEO.

In WordPress, there have several plugins which optimize the SEO instantly. But it’s not possible in Blogspot.

So, today I am going shearing cool Blogspot SEO tips for higher search ranking in Google.

The Blogspot is a free Blogging Platform, it’s always a preferred platform for start and learn basics, If you have not created a blog, here is the quick guide: How to create a free blog in Blog-Spot.

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Format Blogger post URL Link

Permalink plays a great role in Search Engine ranking. So, you have to follow some rules for the better permalink.

Keep the maximum number of Characters of the post Url not exceed to  50.
Don’t use the stop word in the post Url. (ex. an, a, the )

While you are writing a blog post, you can edit the permalink option. Simply remove the stop word and maintain the post URL maximum 50 characters.

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Custom Robots.txt

Now blogger is more user-friendly for better SEO. Whenever Google need to crawl your blog, it first read the Robots.txt and using your blog sitemap for indexing the pages in the database. We can prevent some unimportant pages level from indexing in Google.


Add Blog post title before Blog Title

Blog post title should be placed before the blog title.

Image Optimization

The image is an important optimization factor in a search engine. Many webmasters overlook it. I have discussed the mistakes in image optimization in this post.


No-follow External Link

What is the No-follow link?

The no-follow link is web page URL which targets to another web page or external link, but it does not follow the page rank to the target URL or web page.

How to set the No-follow?


Provides Meta Tag

The meta tag is used to describe the content keyword.

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