10 Best Privacy Policy generator Tools

What is privacy policy?

A privacy policy is a legal statement of privacy laws that ensure your users and you are maintaining the rules of privacy for your customer or client’s data.

“A privacy policy is a statement or a legal document (in privacy law) that discloses some or all of the ways a party gathers, uses, discloses, and manages a customer or client’s data. It fulfils a legal requirement to protect a customer or client’s privacy.”

– Wikipedia



Why need a privacy policy for your website?

Our business runs on the trust of our customers. So, trust is crucial for growing your business. Customers or client provide their personal data. Our company should protect the customer or client’s privacy.

Therefore, every websites and company needs their privacy policies for protecting their costumes or client’s data.

A clean and perfect privacy policy builds trust among customers or clients.


Benefits of Privacy policies for your website or blog are:

  1. It builds trust in your product or services.
  2. It helps your customer to understand the policies of your company or website that really needs for customer satisfaction.
  3. It understands your own duties for your customers and you are responsible for protecting your customer and client’s data.


What is Privacy Policy Generator?

Privacy policy generator is a tool that generates your website privacy policy for your website without any effort and knowledge of laws.

List of privacy policy generator tools are

1. Free Privacy policy

Free Privacy Policy is a #1 online Privacy policy generator that helps more than 60000 websites to create a custom privacy policy. It will be done within 15 minutes by asking some questions about your business or your website.

2.  Privacy Policy Generator

This privacy policy generator is a 100% free tool and you can download in HTML text and hosted version.


3.  Privacy policy generator – Shopify 

Free Privacy Policy Tool Shopify
Shopify privacy generator is a tool to generate the custom privacy policy template of your website to protect your company and your customers according to your business complies that develop customer trust.


4. TermsFeed

TermsFeed is an online privacy policy generator that creates your policy for websites, Mobile app, e-commerce stores, SaaS Apps, Facebook app and many more.


5. Getterms.io

It generates simple terms of service and privacy policy for your websites with very simple steps in 1 click.


6. Free Privacy policy generator [SERP Rank]

Get your free membership and feel free to generate a privacy policy from a SERP Rank free tool.


7. Privacy policy online

It generates a privacy policy for your website quickly by filling the form fields and you will find the business complies and regulations for company and customers.


8. TOS Generator

This form will generate simple terms and service and privacy policy for the website.


9. Application privacy

It is a very useful tool for create your privacy policy for the website in 10 minutes and just follow few steps.


10. Connectio.io

Connectio.io is a free online tool for generating the Facebook Lead Ad.


Benefits of using the Privacy Policies generator tools are

Online privacy policy or terms of service generator is fa ree tool that generates the website privacy policy without any knowledge of laws agreements.

It makes your website policies instantly and no need to give any effort of writing for completing your privacy policy that perfects for website’s agreements.



Privacy policy generator is a very important and helpful tool for website owner; those have no knowledge of laws and any ideas of writing the privacy policy. Because a privacy policy of company and customer is collection rules that protect their credential and it helps to understand their limitation of using client’s data.


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