Content Marketing Made Easy : A Brief Guide

Content Marketing Guide

Do you have any idea what exactly do in content marketing? I think you little bit idea but not so clearly.

Just think you want to purchase or buy a book. Then, what do you do?

You go to your expert and take the suggestion. It is a traditional way to buy any product.

But today in the modern era we depend on the internet and Google. You can know everything about Google which is world best search engine.

What do you do about buying a product online?

When is about your choice, you collect information and analyze.

Definitely search on Google about product details and product review. Read Article about product and services.

Now you read the required content in the form different format and collect information about the product and services.

Now start to analyze the information with yourself and discuss with friend and family.

Finally, you decide which product or service you avail.

So, we are going more dig on Content Marketing – It helps a lot for your better content marketing to find perfect marketing strategies.


Now Traditional marketing is an old method of marketing technique. But, Content Marketing is popular with modern marketers to promote their product and service through the website.

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is a Marketing strategy by creating, publish and distribute the content in different media/ channels that promote your product and services to the right audience.

Traditional Marketing is a different form of content marketing. So, their basic element is also different.

In the content Marketing-

Types of content Format –

  • Article
  • Post
  • Video
  • Image
  • Infographic

Publishing platforms –

  • Blogger
  • YouTube
  • WordPress
  • Website

Where do you Promote /Share?

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Digg

In traditional Marketing –

Types of Content –

  • Newspaper advertisement
  • TV advertisement

Publishing platforms –

  • TV
  • News Paper
  • Flex Advertisement

Where do you Promote /Share?

  • Every type of Channel on TV
  • News Paper


It is a new marketing technique for you. As a marketer how do you start? Need a knowledge and clear thought about content marketing.

You must know – How does it work?

You start your to make content marketing. What is the right way for Content Marketing? A right way gives more lead generation. Every lead converts into the sells.

Do you know what the basic task of content marketing is? There have 3 basic tasks. You have to follow 3 steps-

  • Create Content
  • Publish Content
  • Promote Content

Create content:

Everything depends upon the content.

So, start to make unique content. Unique content always will be like your audience. It makes a successful content creating strategy. A perfect niche for your content will help to generate Leads.

How to select a right niche?

Google trends are a great tool to pick a perfect niche. Do research on your niche and pick the right one which definitely builds a larger audience.

You just search “recipe” on Google Trends and Google provide a trend and related queries.

In Google Trends Interest over Time metrics show the traffic over time month by month on Recipe search term. Another metrics related query show all related search term and show popularity trends in Google Search engine.

You have done well picking a great niche for your content marketing.

Now you have to do some work on content creation.

I always try Quora to collect ideas for my niche.

Quora is a popular question-answer platform and a great source of the topic with ideas.

I focus on their need for any topic. They ask a question on the Quora. The question gives me the ideas that how to present a niche according to their need.

Publish content:

You have completed the first task and create a great niche content.

Now you have to do next task that is publishing the niche content on content publishing platforms.

Question is –
Where do you publish your content?

Obviously, I publish my content on my website that’s maybe Blog or YouTube.

I publish my article content in the Blog and List of Blogging Platform we prefer –

    Blogger WordPress Wix Medium HubPage Tumblr SquareSpace Joomla Weebly Ghost

For video content, we prefer the YouTube but the list of another popular video publishing platform is- Brightcove Ooyala Akamai Kaltura Endavo EbdSoft.

Promote Content:

You have done more than 90%. But the last task is more important to generate leads and reach your audience.

To reach your audience I always promote fresh content on many Social Media sites that build a great source of audience.

Don’t forget to do it. Do it and do it. You can Social media Automation Tool to promote and share on Media.

I use Social Automation tool to share the post on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Content Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

In Traditional marketing, marketer promotes AD in Traditional Media such as TV and Newspaper.

Whereas in content marketing Marketer promotes content on Social Media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and many other online content publishing platforms.

In traditional marketing, you promote your content and pay to the Media. Whereas you can promote without paying to Social Media. So, it has a little bit advantage than traditional Marketing.

93% B2B marketer say Content Marketing generate more leads than Tradition marketing Strategy. 53% sells conversion generate from total leads on content marketing.

Effective Content Marketing Strategies-

1. Choose your right audience-

Do you think about the Right Audience?

Google and Social Media is the big source of audience. Don’t think about the audience. Just think – how to make your own audience from these big sources.

2. Right content:

Do you choose the right content for your customer? B2B Marketer faces challenges to produce content.64% marketer produce enough content and 52% marketer make engage in their content.

So, only 50% B2B marketer produce and engage enough content.

3. Select a proper channel and speared content –

Facebook and YouTube is a most popular channel for content marketer. Marketer publishes their AD and collects a huge number of audience that makes it convert the lead.

4. Prepare your lead –

Now you can prepare the lead. Before preparing your lead, you should follow the 2 rules –

1. Create Lead according to the need of your audience – What do they want? What do you give them by this lead? If you find that all the purposes solve by your lead, then go ahead.

2. Make Target –

What is your Demographic and age target? Choose the region for better performing your lead and also select the age target. So ask yourself that your lead is suitable for which type of audience or which age bar audience.


It may be either an adult or middle-aged person and may be either male or female.

Select right one for Lead that’s a matter for success.

5. Write a quality post-

If you seriously write a quality post for your content marketing, then you should follow 4 steps –

1. Choose a topic wisely 2. Make structured your information 3. Make clean and organized 4. Write based upon the truth

6. Engage audience –

how do you engage on your content? I always prefer to engage my audience in my article and video. But, there have several methods that you can engage your audience –

E-book Article Video Case study Infographic

7. Re-target your audience –

It is a last and important task that you have returned your audience. You have engaged them earlier, but you lost them or they are not returned to your website.

How is it possible? Yes, it possible by creating a re-campaign. But you have to work out on your weak point.

Improve your content quality that must help your audience. Use another method of engagement media such as Video, Infographic.

You can make quality Infographic for your topic besides your old article.

Social Media –

Social Media is a great source of audience. 70% user visit Facebook daily, 55% users visit several times in a day and 22% user visit once a day.

Facebook remains popular in 2018 and 79% of adults use Facebook.

Paid Advertising –

paid marketing is an effective content Marketing tool.


There have many Paid marketing platform that you can easily generate leads –

  • Facebook AD
  • Google AdWord


Traditional Marketing and content marketing are both used by the Marketers, Content Marketing generate more leads than Traditional Marketing. You have done 3 steps to complete the content marketing – 1. Create Content 2. Publish Content 3. Promote.

Google Trends and Quora are best for content creation that builds a perfect content marketing.

Facebook is a great source of audience till now and we can use Facebook Ad as paid Marketing, Today Facebook is very popular after Google AdWords.

You have to follow the above effective content marketing strategies that make you successful in content marketing.

Paid Marketing is a great marketing tool. I always try this method to make lead for growing brand on Social Media. Facebook Ad is one my choice. Sometimes I make practice in paid marketing to make the real-time experience.

Don’t forget to promote. It converts your content to lead generation.

Use Re-campaign for re-engagement of your audiences. Just Do it again.

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