18 Best Social Media Automation Tools in 2018

Last updated : June 03, 2018

Social Media Automation is a trick for getting extra exposure your post through social media and getting more attention on your post that you have submitted earlier.

It is a very tedious job that you share your post regularly in Social Media such as Twitter, Facebook, Digg, and Google+ etc.

Sometime you are not able to share your post on all Social media for the lack of time.

If this job can be done with minimum effort, it will save your time and energy.

Have any way to share the older post on Social Media website automatically? The answer is yes.

There have many WordPress Plugin that automatically share the post in The Social Media website.

If your Blogging platform is Blogger, don’t need any Plugin to share automatically.

How to share

1. Dlvr.it :

It is a powerful Social Media Automation tool that shares your post easily on Social media site and do social better in less time. It continuously monitors your feed and RSS enabled website and automatically share the website content easily.

Sign up for register your website on Dlvr.it.

Dlvr.it - auto share

In the next page , you click on Start Feeding option.

Dlvr - Feed page

Now you can see a new page and in source fill the feed URL for your Website and Click on Feed Verified option for verifying the feed URL. If you successfully complete the verification, In destination section where you want to share your post, Click on Add option and select the Social media site one by one.

Some powerful tools to Auto Share post on social media

2. Buffer:

Buffer is a premium auto share tool that makes it easy to keep up the consistent in social media and manage all social media sites on one dashboard.

Buffer App is available in both platform Windows and iOS.

You can add video and GIF image using Buffer Video & GIF Uploader.

3. OnlyWire:

OnlyWire is a auto share tool that we automatically share post on social sites and run analytics on our campaign.

You can share more than 40 Social Media Sites. Make a schedule your post easily.

4. HootSuits:

HootSuit is a best Social Media automation tools.You can take a trail 30 days option.It save your time by scheduling your social posts.

It manage your Team effectively and securely.Without sharing password manage Social Media Account of the Organization. You can create a team to effort to post on your social Media.

5. SproutSocial:

SptoutSocial is a powerful Social Media software.

It analyze and report with Social Media Analytics that help to drive the strategic decision in your business.

It make sure that you are effectively monitor your brand’s performance in Social Media.

A Powerful Instagram Analytics Tools measure the follower growth , analyze engagement ratio and deeper trends.

6. TweetDeck

TweetDeck is a Powerful Free Tool that share post in Twitter.TweetDeck was subsequently acquired by Twitter Inc.

7. Post Planner:

Post Planner is Facebook Post management tools that automatically share post and maintain your business in Facebook.

Even you can use a scheduler to choose a specific time and date – even repeats specific number of time.

You can view , manage and edit post in one convenience place.
It evaluate your post by likes , comments and shares.

Post Planner build a system that you can manage workload to share among the members. You decide the amount of access to give each member.You are in control.

8. Zapier:

Zapier is a automation Tools that automatically done tasks as a Zap.There have 1000+ apps that you can done workflow ideas easily.

You can make a Zap in their dashboard for different applications and access more than 1000 apps that automatically done your schedule task.

9. Social Oomph:

Social oomph is automation tool that boost your productivity in Social Media.

Make easy schedule update and monitor social activity.

In free version Twitter automation tool is accessible except Facebook , Pinterest , LinkedIn etc.

10. SocialPilot:

Social Pilot is a Simple & Cost-Effective Social Media Management Tool for Teams and Agencies

11. Twibble:

Twibble is automation tool that make easy RSS feed scheduling to twitter and Facebook.

12. Agora Pluse:

Agora Pluse is a powerful automation tool to monitor Social Media sites on one place. It is a best alternative of HootSuits.

They provide the unlimited downloadable report of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram comes with every subscription.

Their Customer Relationship Management Tool (CRT) is very help to better engagement of audience and support your clients.

13. CoSchedule:

CoSchedule is a powerful Social Automation Tool and Trusted by world best marketing teams Microsoft , Discovery Education and Crown.

You can promote effortlessly without stress and without waste of time to jump one tool to next.

14. Crowdfire:

Crowdfire helps you discover and schedule content, and manage all your social accounts from one place.

19M+ users from all over the world are used the CrowdFire.

In Free version you can promote post on 4 Social Media.

15. Scoop.it:

Scoop.it is a best tool to automate your content marketing and save time.Trusted by 4+ million professionals and marketers.

16. Mention:

Mention is a Realtime Media Monitoring Tool.

17. Meet-Edgar:

Meet Edgar is a Social Automation tool.

18. Sendible:

Sendible is The #1 Social Media Management Tool for Agencies.

Why do you need the automatically share?

We are all know that today the social media play a great role for getting more traffic.

it is good habit to submit your link on Social media sites that help to get not only indexed your post on Search Engine quickly and improve Search Ranking.

It also help to build the brand value in social media sites.It collect the likes and comments and it is very interesting facts that your post get more exposure.

whenever auto share make me relief , it help to concentrate on content making and another important jobs.

Basically many blogger lose attention on social share because of maintaining many social networking sites that they spend more time than using auto share the post easily.

HootSuits research on 400+ millions social post. What they learn ?

Popular Days to post

Any size company publish their post on Monday to Friday.In terms of weekend distribution LinkedIn has the weakest weekend weighting.

Popular hours to post by social network

Yours job is done now and successfully setup your website for sharing new post on Social Media website automatically.

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